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Are there different types of abortion?
Yes, there are two different types of abortion. They are medical abortions and surgical abortions.
What is a surgical abortion?
A surgical abortion involves having the contents of the uterus removed through surgery. There are a variety of methods used depending on the number of weeks of pregnancy and the gestational age of the fetus.
Are there any risks with abortion?
Abortion is usually a safe procedure, but there are some risks associated with it. These include heavy bleeding, infection, incomplete abortion, tearing of the cervix, damage to internal organs, and death. Abortion also carries risk to future pregnancies as well as emotional and spiritual consequences.
What is a medical abortion?
A medical abortion involves taking a series of two pills to end an early pregnancy. The first pill, RU-486 or Mifeprex, blocks the progesterone hormone ending the life of the fetus. The second pill, Misoprostol, is taken 48 hours later to cause contractions in order to expel the fetus. The medical abortion is only approved for pregnancies within 70 days of the last menstrual period.
How much does an abortion cost?
The cost of the abortion depends on how far along you are in the pregnancy and the type of procedure. Generally speaking, an abortion costs between $500 and $1,000. At Women’s Centers of Ohio, we provide information about abortion but do not offer, recommend or refer for abortion services.
What are my abortion alternatives?

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