Abortion clinic alternatives in Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Abortion Clinic Alternatives

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If you are pregnant unexpectedly, you might be feeling anxious about the future. Our Women’s Centers specialize in solutions for unplanned pregnancies. We will support you without judging you and provide the encouragement and services you need to take your first steps:

• Verifying if pregnancy is viable
• Confirming the gestational age of the fetus through ultrasound
• Understanding your options: abortion, adoption, parenting

Our no-cost initial consultations are completely confidential. Our goal is to educate you accurately and responsibly on your pregnancy options and give you a safe place to think them over. Unlike Planned Parenthood abortion clinics, we will provide you with personalized care.

If you are considering abortion, you owe it to yourself to find out if your pregnancy is likely to continue as well as to be fully informed about all your pregnancy options before you spend money at an abortion clinic or take other next steps. Let us be your first stop.