Free medical-quality pregnancy tests and abortion alternatives in East Dayton, Ohio on Burkhardt Avenue.

Women’s Center – Kettering

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1377 E Stroop Rd, Ste 301
Kettering, OH 45429

Phone: (937) 643-4673
Fax: (937) 424-4700

Daily Hours
Mon 1pm – 7pm
Tue 8am – 2pm
Wed 8am – 4pm
Thu 8am – 4pm
Fri 8am – 2pm

Looking for help to deal with an unplanned pregnancy? Women’s Center–Kettering has solutions that we can offer to you at no cost.

Women’s Center–Kettering offers free pregnancy tests and ultrasound scans so you can learn if you’re really pregnant. If you are, we also provide free consultations so you can understand your options: adoption, abortion, or parenting.

For appointment availability and to book your free initial visit and consultation, call or click below. Women’s Center – Kettering proudly serves women in Dayton and surrounding areas.