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She just told you she thinks she’s pregnant. Now what?

You’re probably dealing with a wide range of emotions, unsure of what do next. We can help! Knowing is power, and the first step is to find out if your partner is pregnant.

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Confirm the Pregnancy

Drug store tests are not always accurate. We offer clinical pregnancy tests at all of our nine women’s centers. The test we perform is very sensitive and may be more accurate than over-the-counter pregnancy tests. It’s FREE and the results are completely confidential.

If your partner receives a positive result, our medical professionals will also provide her with an ultrasound* which will let you both know how far along your partner is in her pregnancy. The ultrasound will help us determine the gestational age and viability of the pregnancy. This information is crucial to decide next steps.

*Some exceptions apply

Know Your Options

The best decision is an informed decision. It’s important to know what choices your partner has during this time. These choices include parenting, abortion or placing the child for adoption. Each one of these options carries with it concerns.

Meeting with one of our women’s center consultants can help you know what option is best for you and your partner. If your partner is interested, please schedule your confidential appointment today.

Be Supportive

Discovering your partner is pregnant, especially when it’s unexpected, can be a major cause of stress in a relationship. During this time, talk with your partner about your thoughts and feelings. Be there to support her in order to make the best decision regarding the pregnancy together.

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