Pregnancy Calculator & FAQs

When Am I Due?

If you think you’re pregnant, we can help estimate your due date. Best of all, it’s free, fast and easy. Simply select the first day of your last period; the pregnancy calculator will do the rest.

Due Date Calculator

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How do I know if I’m pregnant?

Early signs of pregnancy may include missed period, nausea, with or without vomiting, tender or swollen breasts, increased urination, fatigue, food aversions or cravings. If you think you may be pregnant, our centers will provide you with a free pregnancy test. Call today to schedule your free appointment.

How far along am I?
Our pregnancy calculator will help you estimate how far along you are in your pregnancy. But, to know exactly how far along you are, schedule an appointment with one of our centers today.
I’ve had two negative pregnancy tests, but still no period. What should I do now?
If you have two negative tests but still don’t have your period, we recommend you contact your healthcare provider for an assessment.
How soon should I take a pregnancy test?
A pregnancy test works by identifying a specific pregnancy hormone. If you’ve missed a period, wait one week before taking a pregnancy test for the most accurate results.
My pregnancy test was negative, but I still don’t have my period. Should I take a second test?
Yes, make another appointment for a second, free pregnancy test. The HCG hormone doubles every 2 days during the first three months of pregnancy.