Know the signs: consider these pregnancy symptoms

Early Pregnancy Symptoms to Keep in Mind

Know the signs: consider these pregnancy symptoms

Understanding your body

It’s not always easy to know you are pregnant. For a lot of women, the early symptoms of pregnancy can mimic what you might feel during menstruation, according to WebMD. But, there are some common symptoms that most women experience.  Note, though, the best way to find out whether you are pregnant is through a pregnancy test. All of our Women’s Centers provide free, confidential verification; if you aren’t sure, make an appointment today.

Here is a brief listing of the most common pregnancy symptoms:


As soon as a week after conceiving, you might begin to feel tired all the time. Why? Well, hormones, namely a higher level of progesterone. Plus, as your body begins to adjust to supporting your baby, your own blood pressure and blood sugar levels might begin to drop. There’s a lot going on inside your body, even so early on! Make sure your diet is full of good protein and try to find more rest. You’ll need it.

Morning sickness

Even if you haven’t felt it, no doubt you’ve seen some poor woman battle through morning sickness on a TV show or movie. It’s almost the stereotypical pregnancy symptom, but not all women experience it! What’s the reason for those rough mornings? Well, according to WebMD, the answer isn’t quite known, but the assumption is hormones play a role. (This is why your cravings might change, too. Thanks again, hormones!)

Breast Changes

Another victim of hormonal upheaval. As your body begins to adjust to being pregnant, many women notice their breasts become swollen or shortly after conception. Some changes in appearance — darker areolas, for example — are also common. Once your body adjusts the hormone changes, some of this should ease up. But it can take weeks.

Spotting and cramping

Part of the early process of the egg attaching itself to the uterus causes what is called implantation bleeding. It’s normal. Most women experience some cramping, too. It’s always a good idea to be in contact with your doctor if the bleeding seems excessive, though.

More questions about pregnancy symptoms? We can help! Don’t hesitate to make an appointment today.