One Step of Many

Written by: Jasmine DePalmo With a pulse beating faster than I could count if I tried, I turned the handle and inched open the door. A bell chimed above me, […]

Telling Your Parents The News

  You’re stunned, actually shocked is more like it. You’re late for your period and pretty sure you are pregnant. Not only is it scary for you, what about your […]

When Do You Need a Pregnancy Test?

If you’re sexually active and have missed your period, it’s easy to panic, especially if you don’t feel ready or prepared for a pregnancy. It’s possible to get pregnant even […]

Can I Buy The Abortion Pill Online?

Online shopping has made life so convenient and easy. It seems like we can get everything online today – books, electronics, clothes, and even groceries can be delivered within just […]

What to Expect During An Abortion

Understanding Abortion Choosing to have an abortion is never an easy decision. As with any medical procedure, there are a variety of unknowns, even if you have a pretty good […]

Ultrasound -- what can you expect?

What to Expect During An Ultrasound

After a positive pregnancy test, we always suggest that clients verify their pregnancies with an ultrasound. An ultrasound is an imaging procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to project an […]