Ultrasound scans are available to help you understand your options.

Ultrasound Scans

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An early ultrasound is an advanced diagnostic technique used to determine the viability and correct length of the pregnancy. It is an important step in understanding your pregnancy & abortion questions. Depending on your individual situation, our Women’s Centers may offer limited obstetrical ultrasound at no charge in order to:

• Detect fetal heartbeat
• Determine approximate due date
• Determine the number of fetuses
• Determine the location of pregnancy (intrauterine v. ectopic)
• Advise immediate medical attention at an emergency room, if indicated

Ultrasounds are performed by professionally trained medical staff only. They are performed for the reasons listed above and not to diagnose birth defects or other health issues. They are not offered to women already receiving prenatal medical care elsewhere. If you are experiencing health issues such as bleeding, spotting, or cramping, you should seek immediate medical attention. These could be symptoms of a spontaneous abortion, or miscarriage, and you may require further medical treatment.

If you have a positive pregnancy test, or think you might be pregnant, call to inquire as to the appropriateness of an ultrasound scan in your situation. Hours of availability vary according to the center. Contact the Women’s Center nearest you to schedule an initial consultation appointment.