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How much will my appointment cost?

Nothing! All of our services are 100% FREE and available to you at NO COST.

Will anyone know about my appointment?

No. We will keep your information completely confidential and private.

Where are your centers located?

Women’s Centers of Ohio has six centers throughout Southwestern Ohio to serve you! Our centers are conveniently located in Dayton, East Dayton, Kettering, Sidney, Lebanon, and Forest Park.

Can I trust the result of a pregnancy test completed at one of your centers?

Absolutely, yes. We use laboratory-quality pregnancy tests. The manufacturer of the tests advertises a 99 percent accuracy rate.

What is the cost of your services?

Zero dollars. Your visit and all of our services are FREE and provided to you at NO COST!

Do you accept walk-ins?

Absolutely. Walk-ins are always welcome. However, if you want to avoid waiting, you may prefer to schedule an appointment.

Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

Absolutely! We want you to feel comfortable during your appointment. You’re welcome to bring a partner, parent, friend, sibling, or other family member.

What services are offered through the Women’s Centers of Ohio?

No matter which of our centers you visit, you’ll receive a free pregnancy test, and if positive, an ultrasound that very same day, if possible.* Our trained consultants will also speak with you regarding your pregnancy options including parenting, abortion, and adoption.

*some exceptions apply

Are your Women’s Centers medical?

Yes, all of our Women’s Centers are medical. Our Medical Director is a board certified MD. Our staff members include Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, Registered Nurses, and Licensed Practical Nurses. Before you receive your results, your ultrasound scan will be reviewed by an experienced radiologist.

Do I need to bring my insurance card?

No. Because our services are free, there’s no need to bring your insurance card. We do ask for a photo ID.

Make an appointment for your free visit and initial consultation at the center of your choice.