Know your options: abortion, adoption & parenting.

Consider Your Choices: Abortion, Adoption & Parenting

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If your pregnancy test is positive, our trained consultants will meet with you to discuss your options and provide the information that you need to make the choice that’s right for you.

Abortion       Adoption       Parenting


You may consider abortion for many reasons:

• Reluctance to let others know you’re pregnant
• Desire not to interrupt life plans
• Financial or emotional inability to care for a baby
• Pressure from the father of the baby or other family member to get an abortion
• Health concerns for you or the baby

If abortion seems like the best solution, keep in mind that abortion is a medical procedure.

First you need to know if you’re ready for abortion:

Are you really pregnant?
How far along are you?
• Does this pregnancy require immediate medical attention?
• Are you at risk for a spontaneous abortion, or miscarriage?


Before you make an appointment for an abortion you should know:

The kinds of abortion available
• Abortion risks to your health
• Questions to ask the abortion clinic

Our staff, many of whom have been where you are, can address your questions and concerns and educate you about abortion with the facts you need to make a good decision.


Some women choose adoption for many reasons:

• Feel conflicted about abortion but not ready to parent
• Desire for a two-parent home for the child
• Eliminates delays in pursuing life goals
• Improved financial support for a child
• More mature and stable parenting


If you’re considering adoption, you have many options. You will decide:

• Whether to be a part of selecting the adoptive parents
• If you want a relationship with your child
• Between an open or closed adoption
• To make it a private or agency adoption

If you’re pregnant, adoption is one of your three options. Adoption can be a solution to an unplanned pregnancy. Don’t rule it out without learning the facts of this option. Be fully informed.


Before deciding to parent, you may have legitimate concerns that must be addressed:

• Fear that you’re not ready to raise a child
• Lack of a good job or financial support
• Effect on school or career plans
• Medical insurance
• Father not willing to parent
• No other familial support
• Childcare while you work

We can talk over all of these pressing issues as well as possible solutions so you can decide whether parenting is possible.

Whatever you decide, make it an informed decision in a safe place with supportive people surrounding you. Call one of our Women’s Center’s today or make an online appointment.